Collection: Liberaiders

Military, Travelling, Rock’n Roll, Photography

Liberaiders is the brand with a mission.

A Japan based label that's focused on the world market, in and outside of Asia. Next-level streetwear that has an authentic culture, background and spirit.

Products that utilize the latest technology and best quality of high-end fashion and outdoor products.

Liberaiders delivers various themes and concepts.

Military, Traveling, Rock’n Roll, Photography.

Mei Yong, the brand director, was born in Beijing, later moved to Japan in his late teen years and has travelled all around the world since then.

Mei has been working with many international brands as a creative force for many years, including streetwear pioneers of the '90s. At the same time, he's documented his life through photography over those years. Rock'n Roll is the soundtrack of his life.

“Liberate” and “Raiders”. 

These two objective words were put together to create the brand name.

The world is going crazy—media control everything, everywhere. People are becoming lost.

That’s why it’s time to take the step to discover your own world. Stereotypes and categorization don't mean a thing. Creating new values…That’s the mission for Liberaiders.