Collection: N.HOOLYWOOD

The brand's clothing is handled by designer Daisuke Obana, who loves old clothes, and shines with the well-crafted details that only a collection brand can offer. The brand enjoys great support for its design source that gives value to good old clothes. The brand is divided into three main categories: the collection line, which develops along with the theme of each season; the compilation line, which develops a wide range of standard items such as formal suits, coats and shoes; and the underwear line, which mainly develops items such as cut-and-sewns and parkas that are worn as the minimum necessary outerwear. The underwear line mainly offers the bare minimum of outerwear, such as cut-and-sew and parkas. The brand also collaborates with long-established brands such as Lee and Wrangler to develop new items each season.

2002年春夏出發的 N.Hoolywood,由鍾於美式復古文化的尾花大輔(Daisuke Obana)所創立,其在服裝學院畢業後便先後任職於 VOICE 和 go-getter 兩間古著店,奠定對服裝和古著文化的基礎,也因為尾花經常往返美國好萊塢採購,因此得到「Mr.Hollywood」的稱(2000年開設的古著店也以此命名),後來結合「Hooligan」與「North Hollywood」成為現在的品牌名稱,極力打造東西方文化的時裝潮流。