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Rebuild by Needles is a remake line based on vintage clothing and reconstructed by Keizo Shimizu, who is responsible for the fashion brand NEEDLES. This unique brand goes beyond mere reformulation, using a combination of vintage items and high craftsmanship. The brand offers a wide range of one-of-a-kind items that make use of the concepts of recycling and ecology.

Rebuild by Needles是Needles 除常規主線外的古著改製支線,由清水慶三負責。其獨到的軍裝復刻風味深受資深潮流人士喜愛。每件單品因手工改製也都不盡相同。清水慶三曾將軍用帳篷改製成雨衣斗篷;將 Levi’s 501 古著分割後重新拼組;將搖滾T或法蘭絨襯衫裁切,重新與不同材質布塊重組或紮染再製。

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