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The pursuit of sleep goes from the outdoors to the home

NANGA is one of Japan's leading outdoor brands and has been sending its products to the world.
Today, Nanga offers a wide range of items, including down wears, but it started out as a sleeping bag.
The background to the brand's beginnings as a sleeping bag brand stems from the fact that Maibara City in Shiga Prefecture, where Nanga was born, has been a bedding production area since the Edo period.
The keyword 'sleep' is an inseparable part of Nanga.

The sleeping bag, which is still one of Nanga's main products, is also a type of bedding.
Unlike ordinary bedding, it is a special kind of bedding that is used in an environment that is not well equipped, such as in a tent or car.
Because there are few other factors, the quality of the sleeping bag itself directly affects the quality of sleep.

That is why Nanga's sleeping mats are repeatedly tested in extreme environments.
Starting from the fabric and down to the sewing method, the way the down is filled, the size and shape.
All of the current range is the result of years and years of research.

The result is GOOD SLEEPING.
It is the finest bedding that has been reconstructed from Nanga's research results on sleep in the field of the home.
This alone is enough to make you excited.

Of all the GOOD SLEEPING products, the duvet is the one you must have.
The know-how cultivated in the field of shrugs is packed in abundance in these down quilts.

Among such down quilts, this is a down blanket with a down content of 300 g, which can be used mainly from spring to autumn.
The outer fabric is made of peach-skin-treated polyester, which is pleasant to the touch.
It is fluffy, yet light and can be used without a duvet cover.
Of course, it also has loops for attaching a duvet cover, so a cover can be attached according to your preference.

The down used is recycled down in consideration of environmental issues.

A further ingenious feature is the quilt that encapsulates the down.
Like the duvet, it has a special structure to reduce cold spots around the face and feet.
The stitching is also designed so that it does not hit the neck, which is very comfortable when actually used!
Moreover, the central part is filled with a larger amount of down than the outer quilt, which enhances the heat retention.

Because we want you to use it during the sweaty season, you can wash the whole thing at home.
Because they can always be used in a clean condition, they are recommended for households with pets and for people concerned about house dust and allergies.

Of course, it is also very useful not only in the room, but also in the car, in tents and in outdoor scenes!
It also comes with a storage bag like a sleeping bag, so you can carry it around with you.

How much time do you spend with a futon in your life?
It's not cheap, but it's a great product.
You'll notice the difference as soon as you actually try it on.
The gentle temperature is like being wrapped in a fluffy blanket.
The moderate air permeability and wicking properties give you an indescribable feeling of comfort.
The next morning, you'll wake up feeling better than usual.

Outer fabric: 100% polyester
Down: Recycled down

(cm) Length Width Storage Down Volume Weight 
F 210 150 21x43 300g 980g

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